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Shanghai Oriental Ladder Bilingual School
Program aims

The Bilingual Program aims to create a language immersion that is required to develop the dual language proficiency.
Students will be able to achieve English oral proficiency in two to three years of instruction but may need four to seven years of instruction to acquire academic language proficiency.

Core Subjects

The core subjects of the program include English, Math and Science. All three core subjects are taught in Chinese and English and have been designed in such a way as to reinforce the material taught across the two languages. Instructions in Chinese are provided to ensure that students do not fall behind in content areas like mathematics and science while they are learning English.

Program Description
Bilingual Program involves teaching academic content in two languages, in a native and a secondary language. The aim of the program is to teach some subjects in the students’ native language in the beginning of their education and then switch the language of instruction to English. At our school students are taught classes in Chinese as their native language and English as a second language and also take Science and Math classes in English.

How does the program work?
The Bilingual Program is based on the principal of clear curriculum separation of two languages of instruction. Foreign teachers do not repeat or translate the material in Chinese but strengthen concepts taught in students native language in a “spiral curriculum”.

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